Who we are

Peeraj Brands International, established in Romania in 2006, is a global fashion and lifestyle brand conglomerate.

Peeraj Brands operates more than 8 brands from all around Europe and with over 30 operational stores. The growth of the division has been consistent and largely achieved through franchise of reputed international fashion, footwear and lifestyle brands.

Ever since its launch, the group aimed to identify key fashion trends each season and display innovation through the means of various stores. All these, as well as hard work, planned growth and constant pursuit of excellence, turned Peeraj Brands International into one of the most important and biggest fashion and lifestyle franchise group on the local retail market.


2007 – In August, 2007, Peeraj was opening its first store in Romania, located in Cluj. By the end of the year (December, 2007), the second store was opened in Cluj, also.

2009 – The next 3 stores followed in 2009, all of them located in Bucharest.

2011 – By the end of 2011, Peeraj Brands International had already put its stamp on other 3 cities: Timisoara, Arad and Oradea.

2012 – In 2012, 6 new stores were opened, thus Peeraj reaching other cities such as Iasi, Bacau and Buzau.

Now – The company continued to grow, in the present operating more than 8 brands with over 30 stores all around the country.